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Questions You've Been Dying to Ask

Searching for your dream wedding dress can be daunting! You have to contend with different price points, different store experiences, sizing that is enough to spurn on an eating disorder, you name it. Here's some answers to those very questions that are hard to ask! 

Decoding some of the enigma and why things just are in bridal can help you say yes!

Decoding some of the enigma and why things just are in bridal can help you say yes!

What's with the 6 Months?

Different designers have different lead times. Some has to do with how the dress is made, some has to do with location of where the gown is made, and some has to do with fabric. Lead times can be anywhere from a week, if the designer stocks options, or up to a year, if the fabric has to be created and then the gown hand sewn. The 6 month time frame is typically enough time to accommodate most brides, however, if you're wanting a couture, atelier made gown, you may want to allow more like 12-14 months to avoid rush fees and, more importantly, panic attacks. 

I am NOT a size 72! Why the "bridal sizing"?!

Bridal. Sizing. Sucks. One more time. Bridal. Sizing. Sucks. I've only heard one half-way logical explanation and it had to do with the traditional, old-school couture made size charts which were formed late 19th Century when everyone was teeny-tiny. With that being said, there's no rhyme or reason why sizing varies SO MUCH. Our advice for first time shoppers is to ignore the sizing! Don't let your brain go there! Our store carries a wide variety of designers, so sizing is unique to each brand. For example, a size 8 waist measurement varies over 4 inches between different designers. Larger box stores often measure you for sizing when you come in. For us and other boutiques, we will measure you against the individual designer's chart, versus a blanket size.

Don't let "bridal sizes" throw you into a tizzy!! 

Don't let "bridal sizes" throw you into a tizzy!! 

Why are Sample Sizes so small?

A lot of boutique stores and even larger stores, carry bridal size 10 as their standard sample size. Sometimes stores opt for a slightly larger size like a 12, but often it's close to runway size. Stores have to invest in each piece they carry, so carrying a run of sizes is cost prohibitive, so stores will go with what they feel is the standard size for their clientele. Sometimes the sizing is even influenced by the designer. From our experience, a designer who designs only for women who are 5'10" and a jean size 4, they won't understand the need to carry larger sizes. Trousseau is a little different. We carry a wide variety of sizes in a variety of shapes. This way, you can at least see how a shape looks on, and then pick the details of the dress from there. It's ALWAYS easier to roll and pin a dress than it is to repair a woman's confidence after you ask them to hold a dress up to their body because a dress doesn't go over their hips. 

Why are some wedding dresses so expensive?

Bridal dresses range from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. There are three general components to bridal gown pricing - construction, materials, and location of where the gown is made. Hand-made bridal gowns will be more expensive than machine made. Natural materials, hand-beaded gowns, and purchasing power all influence pricing. For example, natural silk prices have gone up in the last couple of years, so designers sewing with silk have had to bump their pricing. If it's a huge company, though, they're buying a lot of the fabric so they can often get a much better deal. If a gown is made in the USA, you can assume the cost will be a little higher than a dress made in Canada, which is a little more expensive than dresses made overseas. Keep an eye out also for Israeli and French made designers as well, since they also tend to be on the high end of bridal. It's important to decide what's important to you before you start shopping. If buying an all natural material dress made in the US, you can expect to spend a little more than a polyester gown made over seas. 

How do I pick THE ONE... AHH!!

Think of your venue and overall feel of the wedding you're going for. If you're relying on the dress to guide you, talk through what type of wedding a dress would inspire. We want you to feel like the best version of you. Pick the dress that YOU feel amazing in. Even if you've never dreamt of your wedding or it's your second or third wedding, you deserve to have the dress of your dreams.

Think of the overall look you want to go for. A satin beaded ball gown may not be the best option for a garden inspired wedding.

Think of the overall look you want to go for. A satin beaded ball gown may not be the best option for a garden inspired wedding.

So, why is Trousseau Bridal different than any other store?

Trousseau is unique both in terms of experience and the selection of gowns. We feature designers that are exclusive to our store and are incomparable in terms of quality for price point and style. Our clientele come from all walks of life and we are proud to offer each bride a little something different, customized to what they're looking for and want. We are the only moderately price bridal boutique to offer one-bride-at-a-time appointments, which has really been the cornerstone of our business. The process of shopping and finding your dream wedding dress should be fun, and we hope we've created a experience that brides can remember forever. We love our jobs, and love helping brides find their perfect trousseau.