Trousseau Bridal

Exclusive designs for a style that's perfectly, uniquely you.

A bridal boutique located in downtown historic Powell, Ohio. Featuring exclusive bridal gowns, handmade accessories, and special looks for bridesmaids. Request your private appointment.

Trousseau Bridal has carefully chosen bridal collections and designers whose creations are truly exceptional, have impeccable construction, and unparalleled quality.  Our collections are exclusive to our boutique in Central Ohio, ensuring each bride a truly special bridal shopping experience.

Collections range from $1,100-$4,000.

Featured gown, Lilia by  Theia Couture . Photography |  KariMePhotography

Featured gown, Lilia by Theia Couture. Photography | KariMePhotography

Created to bring out a woman's inner goddess - Theia Couture

Modern, luxurious, radiant. The THEIA bridal collection combines sophisticated and elegant styling with luxurious silks, European brocades, laces, and prints. THEIA’s exquisite beading and embroideries are created by some of the finest couture studios in the world. Each piece is meticulously stitched together to create exquisite gowns and cocktail dresses that flow beautifully around the body. The woman who wears THEIA will be filled with confidence knowing her dress fits wonderfully and looks beautiful on her, thus naturally allowing her inner goddess to shine. THEIA collection starts at $1,150.


A perfect mix of timeless and contemporary. - Kenneth & Winston

Glamourous, captivating, alluring. A family-owned business for over 30 years, Kenneth Winston produces some of the most beautifully constructed, high quality gowns in the bridal fashion world. Brides will connect not only with the brilliance of each gown and its design, but the structure and quality of each piece. Made with the highest quality materials and known for their beading and lace, Kenneth Winston gowns are the perfect marriage of affordability with couture taste. Trousseau Bridal is over the moon to be the exclusive retailer in Central Ohio. Kenneth Winston collection begins at $1150. 


Pictured : Cybele Gown by  Anais Anette  | Photography by  Nicole Clarey Photogrpahy

Pictured : Cybele Gown by Anais Anette | Photography by Nicole Clarey Photogrpahy

Inspired by nostalgia for a romantic past & excitement for a bright future  - Karolina and Magdalena

Ethereal, elegant, enchanting. The Anais Anette bridal collection features gowns with whimsical details and touches that resonate with modern, vintage, and bohemian brides. The designers and owners, Magdalena and Karolina, sisters, are children of a dressmaker and tailor. Their attention to detail pays homage to their background with brilliantly placed beading, perfectly matched lace, and striking, unique design. Trousseau Bridal is thrilled to be the only boutique in Ohio to carry the Anais Anette bridal collection. To learn more about Anais Anette and see the rest of their collections, please click on the photo above.  Anais Anette gown collection starts at $1800. 


Pictured : Cherish Gown by Lea Ann Belter, Astrid & Mercedes Collection

Pictured : Cherish Gown by Lea Ann Belter, Astrid & Mercedes Collection

"This is your wedding dress - if you love it and feel beautiful in it, that's what matters."  - Lea-Ann Belter

Sweet, free-spirited, whimsical. Astrid & Mercedes bridal is the newest collection by couture designer Lea-Ann Belter. Inspired by her two nieces, Lea-Ann found she couldn't stop drawing and sketching after spending time with the two of them. Soon enough, Astrid & Mercedes was born. Featuring designs that combine new and old, hint of playfulness with femininity, this collection speaks to the unconventional bride. Astrid & Mercedes gowns are patterned, draped, and hand sewn in the Lea-Ann Belter atelier in Toronto, and make of all natural silks, light tulle, and gorgeous laces. Click on the photo or logo to view the full collection. Astrid & Mercedes gowns start at $1800. 


Pictured : Style 1559 by  Eve of Milad  y  | Photography  Ashley D Photography

Pictured : Style 1559 by Eve of Milady | Photography Ashley D Photography

“I love all the brides that choose my gowns to feel an absolutely magical experience. I feel proud to be such an important part of their wedding day.” - Eve Muscio

Captivating, sophisticated, feminine. Eve of Milady has been a leading designer in the bridal world for over 45 years. We are privileged to carry the Boutique collection by Eve Muscio, founder and designer of Eve of Milady. Eve uses the finest fabrics from France and Italy, and is known for her beading, embroidery, and unique scroll lace designs. The Boutique Collection by Eve of Milady starts at $2900.